Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Delicious Boi´s

Hello everybody!!!

I do hope i will be able to create my old Blog again, after Google have deleted my old Blog Mifeboi.
Without no reason they deleted my Blog, and they will not give any reason at all, just that they not will re-open my Blog again. So now I will post at Mifeboi2.

Hope I can get all my followers back!!! Miss You guys.

Hope you will enjoy my Blog! :-)


  1. Anonymous25/4/11 03:02

    The black guys' pictures are amazing. It IS true what they say about black men!!

  2. Anonymous11/5/11 23:14

    mino wueon te queri sacer fotos haciendo desnudos

  3. Anonymous10/8/12 18:47

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