Sunday, November 20, 2011

Matt Hughes ♥


  1. That cock should have it's own postcode!

  2. Matt is a tall handsome man and his pecs,arms, and abs look strong and well defined. His enormous cock, jumbo size nuts,large quantity of semen ejaculated along with his deep voice indicate a very high testosterone level. The women he fucks in the videos seem to be very happy with his body and his huge cock. They normally have squirting orgasms which is a sign Matt really knows how to please a woman and they are not faking it. With the size of his cock's head and shaft it's not surprising. Their G-spots get constant stimulation. It would be interesting to know how many pregnancies he had been responsible for over the years. Another twenty or twenty five pounds of muscle on his frame would make him even more spectacular. A good ninety day weight training program would make that possible.