Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Year

It has been a terrible year. I've lost both my mother and brother in law.
Do not know if I can complete this task to update this website every day as promised, but I will give it a try. I'm not sure that my promise can be fulfilled, but despite my great sorrow, I will give this page a chance for everyone to enjoy photos gallery from MifeBoi2 in very good quality. I will do my best, and hope you will forgive that I have not had the best year.
But I wish you all a fantastic Happy New Year ;-)


  1. So sorry for your losses. Be patient with yourself.

    XO FFB

  2. Anonymous1/1/13 20:40

    Yes,sorry for the sad news. You must know,though,that your site really is one of the best! Thank you for your time and work and all the best for 2013!

  3. Anonymous5/1/13 20:52

    I'm saddened to hear the lost of both your mom and brother in law ... I' ll keep in my prayer for you ....